It’s been a tough start to 2020 for my beloved Kangaroo Island but as we look deep into the burnt earth new growth begins, it gives way to new life and fresh shoots, with it comes new ideas and inspirations.  I’ve found myself drawn back to the coast and long walks in magical places, beach combing and revitalising through dips in the sea. The landscapes have changed and are now beautiful in a completely different way, it all depends on your perspective.  The beach holds its usual beauty and is scattered with cowries, urchin fragments and all sorts of wonders, an occasional burnt gum leaf added to the mix amongst the seagrasses. Endless inspiration as far as the eye can see, colours, textures and the ever-present roar of the ocean. It’s my place of solace and reflection, that magic strip between the land and the sea, the intertidal zone, it’s where By Blu began and the ‘Beachcomber collection’ was born!