• "Beachcomber"

     I’ve found myself drawn back to the coast, too long walks in magical places, beach combing and revitalising through dips in the sea. The landscapes have changed and are now beautiful in a completely different way, it all depends on your perspective.
  • Kangaroo Island Fires and By Blu

    When one lives in the bush one is prepared for bushfires… but not like the ones that we have experienced in the last few weeks here on Kangaroo island.  I can assure you that whilst sitting on the veranda in late December watching a storm roll over sipping a cup of tea, there was no way I could have prepared myself for what was about to unfold.
  • Why the ‘Sandy Creek” conservation collection?

    Do you ever have those moments when your scrolling social media and you realise that you are more of a spectator than a player? That the world is spinning around you and major things are happening in your own backyard and your safely tucked up in your bed or on the couch, like it’s quite possibly a separate dimension all together! 
  • Righty or a lefty? and we’re not talking hands!

    I’m happy to say my right sided brain friends accept me just the way I am (So Bridgit Jones of them!), as I do them, somehow we fit and quite possibly wouldn’t survive without each other!
  • Journey of a maker

    Makers see the world in their own unique way, we notice the little things, the glimmers, the magic,  the pieces left behind, I believe there’s a little maker in all of us, you just have to allow it to shine!