Kangaroo Island Fires and By Blu

When one lives in the bush one is prepared for bushfires… but not like the ones that we have experienced in the last few weeks here on Kangaroo island.  I can assure you that whilst sitting on the veranda in late December watching a storm roll over sipping a cup of tea, there was no way I could have prepared myself for what was about to unfold.

 The news of the events that followed have spread far and wide, the crisis, heartache, loss and devastation has been felt globally however, to be living amongst it is something quite different. To be connected to the families that have lost literally everything, to know the children suffering, to witness firsthand the destruction and to wait for it to be your turn next is heart breaking, exhausting and bewildering. To then see people taking advantage of the situation to line their own pockets, stack their own pantries and promote themselves is sickening and deeply disappointing.

 I imagine all KI businesses have taken a blow, but nothing like the families who are starting from scratch or the masses of animals both wildlife, stock and domestic.  As tourists are being encouraged to flock to the Island, some locals are still finding it hard to face doing the shopping or walking down the street for fear of publicly bursting into tears. Emotions are still raw, people are exhausted and still very much in shock. Others are still out there fighting fires, disposing of livestock and protecting what they have left. We all need a chance to catch our breath, raise our heads and look forward and this takes time.

 As a small business owner, I choose to pause, support and be there for my community. This has been my home since birth, it takes priority over all else, especially money.  The fact that I still have a physical home is pure luck and a lot of hard work from fellow locals and it isn’t over yet. 

 So, for now my jewellery tools are down (packed in the car along with kid’s bikes, clothes and chaos!) I will resurface soon and breath new energy into all that is ‘By Blu’.

 If you would like to help the people of Kangaroo Island, please donate to the Kangaroo Island Mayoral Fund though the Kangaroo Island Council website.

 For the animals of Kangaroo Island pls donate to THE KANGAROO ISLAND WILDLIFE NETWORK you’ll find them on Facebook.