Righty or a lefty? and we’re not talking hands!

I’ve been asked lately where does creativity come from?

Does it run out and where can I find some?

So how do two people see the same thing / event yet one comes away inspired whilst the other may not even notice or takes away completely different information?

Maybe creativity is simply a different perspective on the world based on the make-up of the matter in our noggins? Afterall someone can be born a savant or become one after an injury to the brain (hitting’s one’s own head not suggested for instant creative genius!).

I did the left and right brain test a while ago and apparently, I’m missing the majority of my left side, which can’t be good for business, but it does explain why the creative ideas keep coming.  I’m someone that sees textures before I feel them, I notice varied colours and shapes, smells and sounds and these everyday things are what form my memories, spark ideas, lyrics, design etc… but Oh to have more of that organised, analytical and structured side! 

I’m setting myself small tasks to try and bulk up my disproportionate tiny left brain, is it possible I’m not sure! Are there actual tools to activate that sleepy left side? I’ll look into it as soon as I’m finished the hundreds of creative projects I have on the go! I totally recommend having a google and trying a test, it’s crazy to think that we are all ‘made’ of the same stuff and yet live on this planet as though in completely different realms.  I guess it’s what keeps life interesting, confusing and well colourful to say the least.

Funnily enough the majority of my friends are also lacking in left brains, it’s as though we are drawn together, I’m happy to say my right sided brain friends accept me just the way I am (So Bridgit Jones of them!), as I do them, somehow we fit and quite possibly wouldn’t survive without each other!