Why the ‘Sandy Creek” conservation collection?


Do you ever have those moments when your scrolling social media and you realise that you are more of a spectator than a player? That the world is spinning around you and major things are happening in your own backyard and your safely tucked up in your bed or on the couch, like it’s quite possibly a separate dimension all together!  I had one of those moments where the information coming at me was very close to home, a literal stone’s throw! The idea that Australia was starting to privatise selected parts of its National Parks for a select few, worse still that the boundaries were really being pushed and stretched, without great public knowledge or consult.

But what could I do? Fortunately, here on Kangaroo Island there are loads of passionate people who were already rallying around and questioning the ethics of privatising areas within our Parks. It’s now going to court at a great expense to everyone involved. So, the word went out asking for donations  and it  is my chance to help, if only I had an excess of money!

Ta da… the ‘Sandy Creek’ conservation collection was created, four simple, natural and affordable necklaces, all representing how fragile, ancient and magical our Flinders Chase is. After the costs of materials, work and packaging I decided I would donate the 25% that would normally go to a gallery or in my back pocket back to the cause!

So if you are after a treasure that carries a story and the knowledge that you may have helped preserve our National Parks for generations to come then take a look at my ‘Sandy Creek” conservation collection, and if you ever make it to Kangaroo Island I really hope that you are still able to walk in and take a look at Sandy Creek and the surrounding bays for yourself.